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On this page you can find your code, how to use it and everything about Free Tinder Plus. Please read further to find your code and a detailed user's guide. The free Tinder plus hack is all you need for unlimited swipes and super likes. For all detailed information and how to adjust your location with Tinder+ and where to download your Tinder+ code please read the text below.

How to use the code

First you have to click on the image below or one of the buttons. Then you will be redirected to the download page for your free Tinder Plus code. After you have obtained this code by clicking on download you can fill in the code into your Tinder account. The free code needs to be filled in before you select the free Tinder+ subscription of your preference. You can choose out of a one, six or 12 months membership. Remember this code can only be used once. Please be patient because it will take some time for the account to synch with the Tinder database and the free codes. You can speed up this process by completing the free captcha but this is of your own choice. Although the image is captured from iPhone and iOS, free Tinder Plus is also available on Android.

Free Tinder Plus unlimited subscription

Shall I buy Tinder plus or take a free Tinder plus account?

Many apps, of each sort, are for free. But some, like Tinder, tease you with the free version and try to lure you in paying for the full version. Firstly, you can swipe a limited times. And secondly, you can use 1 super like. Only 1 super like on Tinder! Tinder plus takes away the 2 most depressing features of the free Tinder version. Not everyone wants to pay for an app. Therefore, get Tinder plus for free and get the benefits of the paid version. Those super likes you get for free can help a lot in your Tinder game. A free Tinder plus account can be the light at the end of the tunnel.

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What are the benefits and is Tinder plus worth it?

Since Tinder got popular most people tried it out. I even caught friends that are in relation playing Tinder together, just for the fun of it. For most people getting matches on your Tinder account is a common thing. Maybe just a few, but at least some matches. Sometimes it can be difficult but not everybody can get the hottest man or women from the class right? Therefore, you only have 1 super like. But if you want more for free, you need this Tinder Plus hack. Tinder, and probably everybody else, knows that swiping with a super like increases your chance on getting your match. This is a huge benefit and free Tinder plus provides this. Tinder plus is available for everyone that is active on the app. You can get Tinder for free or with a monthly subscription.

What exactly are the Free Tinder Plus features?

Firstly, the main features of Tinder plus are the 5 super likes and unlimited swipes. But of course this is not everything you get with Tinder plus for free. Besides all of that you can also adjust your location with this Tinder hack. It is extremely helpful when you go on vacation or just a weekend away. Set your location 2 days prior to your destination and get some swipes in. Your free Tinder plus account should deliver some good matches before you head up. Do keep in mind that all these matches are obtained with a free plus account for Tinder and no credit card was needed. Oke, it is gentle to take your Tinder date out for a drink. But your expenses come all down to the intentions you have with your free Tinder plus account. Tinder is the best dating app and even better with this Tinder Plus hack.

A Tinder plus review that will make you want to swipe more

Recently we received a letter from Duncan (Duncan is not his real name). He is in is 30's and found us through Google and read previous reviews on Facebook. After swiping and having doubts about the Tinder plus hack, Duncan tried it and was overwhelmed. With Tinder plus, that Duncan received for free on his iPhone, he quickly found his way in the dating scene. Not looking after a one-night-stand he specified his Tinder bio. A week before he made his trip to Houston, he adjusted his Tinder location and started swiping. Duncan: "Hey guys, thank you so much for the free Tinder plus account. I may have found her...". Good luck Duncan!

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